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The storsmart insurance program is a premier self storage contents insurance program offered exclusively through Property First Group LP, an insurance agency.

Property First Group LP is licensed in California as Property First Insurance Agency. The storsmart insurance program was formed by insurance and storage professionals with years of experience in the self storage and insurance industries. As storage professionals they understand the ins and outs of both the day-to-day operations of self storage and the importance of a quality self storage tenant insurance program. The storsmart insurance program was created to bring the best value and integrity for both owners and customers.

The storsmart insurance program stands for integrity, value, and peace of mind. From the moment you join the storsmart family, you will become part of a special group of individuals who require the highest standards for customer service. Dan Dygert, CEO of Property First Group LP, believes strongly that our experience in self storage and first hand knowledge of what owners/operators and their clients need for contents insurance coverage is invaluable.

As Dan says, “the final and largest ingredient to the success of our storsmart program is how we value and care for our customers through our easyCARE level of customer service.”

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